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Here, in the very heart of the Pyrenees, close to Soldeu, nature does things at its own pace. No rules, no deadlines. Those who live there know this. They know that the Earth belongs only to herself. And that it is impossible to live with her without protecting and respecting her.

Without letting her be.

It’s been on this same basis that the Calbó family has been living with nature for generations. Here, against the austere backdrop of the mountains, the family embarked upon a life’s work that began in their modest ancestral home. Resisting the ravages of time, the house, which was converted into guesthouse centuries later, became an obligatory stopping-off point for those journeying to and from France.

Ever since, the Calbó family business has continued to grow, enhancing the experience of visitors drawn to the magic of the mountains and accommodating those visiting the area to enjoy and respect their surroundings.

A life of hard work and loyalty to their surroundings that has shaped both past and present of a family with deep roots in the area.

Nobody said it would be easy to get this far. It was a risky, perhaps irrational dream. But also a beautiful one.