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The heart of Pyrinees


Following the course of the River Valira, the way is dotted with daffodils, pines and firs, and the air is scented with wood, thyme, rosemary and lavender. Your only companions are the snowy peaks of the Andorran Pyre-nees. And the silence.

Here, you do not merely contemplate nature. You live it.

It was here, in the heart of the mountains, that Una-muno wrote that, “…The body is cleansed and reinvi-gorated with the subtle air of the heights, and the soul is cleansed and reinvigorated with the silence of the peaks …”.
Here, in the heart of the Andorran Pyrenees, you’ll find Pic Negre, Pic Blanc, Pic Cubil… all words that give a name to mountains with a life of their own, whose slopes are decorated with Romanesque churches and ancestral homes hewn from stone and rock. A land boasting strong culinary and cultural traditions, jealously guarded for generations.